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Kinoshita Spongebob Squarepants by Place mario -> Download
Kirby Mass Attack by Super Nicholas -> Download
Kitana MK2 by Kazmer13 -> Download
Kitty Katswell by doug1105 -> Download
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Lois Griffin by idiot -> Download
Lola Bunny by BeanFan112 -> Download
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Luigi Ai Patch by Dark Luigi, Warner,N64Mario & TMasta -> Download
Luigi Kart Fighter by Exclamation_Question -> Download
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Mai XIII by P-tan -> Download
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Meta-Knight by DarkLuigi -> Download
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Mikuru Asahina by minoo -> Download
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Milky HJ by ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH - Edit by HJ Milky -> Download
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M-NES Game 1 by Bane84 -> Download
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Mobo Bonanza by RoySquadRocks -> Download
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Mr. Krabs by Warioman+Z -> Download
Mr. Milk and Watch - Edit by HJ Milky -> Download
Mr. Satan by CHOUJIN -> Download
Mr. X by SeanAltly -> Download
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